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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and how Pecan Properties operates! We are a local small business based in San Antonio that focuses on buying off-market properties. Unlike other companies you may deal with, we strive to make customer service our NUMBER ONE priority.

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Fast, Free & No Obligation

We provide a seamless and hassle-free process, offering you swift assistance without any financial burden or commitments.

Ensuring Happy Customers

Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your needs, providing personalized solutions, and delivering a seamless experience from start to finish

Best House Buyers in San Antonio - Pecan Properties

At Pecan Properties, we’re your trusted cash buyers for houses, regardless of condition or circumstance. For decades, we’ve been helping clients in the San Antonio area unload their homes, even if they’re damaged.

Unlike realtors, we purchase your property as-is in San Antonio. Our legitimacy is fully verified and registered, making us the reliable choice for your property.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:

Their expertise made selling my home a walk in the park!

” I was in a hurry to sell my home, and Pecan Properties came to the rescue. Their prompt response, fair cash offer, and efficient service allowed me to move forward quickly. Thank you for your exceptional support!”

– Linda Patterson

Acquisitions Specialist

Specializing in creating win-win situations for our customers, Frank will be your main point of contact throughout the process. He ensures our customers are more than satisfied with our real estate services. When he’s out the office, he enjoy’s the outdoors and playing drums.

Land Specialist

Alex is a seasoned professional in Real Estate, boasting 5+ years of expertise in apartment investing and land development. With a remarkable track record of over $40 million in successfully closed transactions, Alex excels at overcoming challenges and reaching successful outcomes.

His extensive network and resourcefulness have enabled him to navigate complex transactions, from facilitating disputes among probate estate executors to resolving issues involving individuals erroneously listed on property titles. If you’re considering selling your property, Alex possesses the skills and determination to make it happen seamlessly. Now serving as the Land Specialist for Pecan Properties, Alex brings his wealth of experience to our clients in select states. Give us the opportunity to facilitate the smoothest transaction for selling your vacant land. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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  • Hours of Prep Work and Home Showings
  • Manage Repairs Yourself
  • Uncertain Closing Timeline

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